Mr. Kolpert  The Odyssey Theatre, LA  

“Dede gives a fantastic, multilayered performance as the repressed and oppressed Edith, all smiles and brightly artificial chatter, as skittish as a tiny bird. Her monologue when Edith realizes what is going on is a tour de force: the acting equivalent of a star exploding into a supernova.” - Variety

“Particularly effective is Dede, whose character transforms from a button-­‐down cipher to a shrieking sybarite out for blood.” - Los Angeles Times

“Jen Dede was unforgettable as Edith: her back ground is in the classics, including Moliere, Shakespeare, and Shaw, she really ought to take on Euripides harsh heroines.” - The Hudson Review

Super Sunday  Moth Theatre, LA 

“The comically astute performances of this gifted cast, which includes Alex Desert and Jen Dede. Jen Dede invests Christy with a fiery humor and strength." - Los Angeles Times




King Lear  Antaeus Company, LA

"Jen Dede as Regan was as diabolical as she was regal.” - SoCal



“Jen Dede (Regan) and Allegra Fulton (Goneril) are so sexy and domineering in their calculations that it’s almost a turn-­‐on.” -  Stage and Cinema



  “Regan and Goneril (Jen Dede and Allegra Fulton each spot on and nicely textured) is reserved and cool.” - On Stage LA






Cousin Bette  Antaeus Company, LA

“Stand-­‐outs in the cast include...Dede's Valerie Marneffe, who beds numerous suitors and remains doe-­‐eyed in her hope for a brighter future.” - Variety





Look Back in Anger  Writers’ Theatre, Chicago

“While all the acting is capable, there’s truly extraordinary work here from Jen Dede. In a fiendishly difficult role, the elegant Dede offers a performance of great richness, capturing both Alison’s strength and her emotional dependence on her brutish and hurting husband. Dede’s character is a cleverly crafted mix of womanly lust and childish repression-­‐ the former emotion being the only viable core reason why Alison puts up with this man. “ - Chicago Tribune

“...Jen Dede, who has the hypnotic face of a beautiful Siamese cat and the instincts and insights of a born actress. Catch Dede now, before she is swept off to stardom. - Chicago Sun Times

“...And there is genuine chemistry between Kelly - Dede, who captures Alison’s saintly mix of delicacy and strength in every look and gesture.” - Chicago Sun TImes

The Learned Ladies  The Court Theatre, Chicago

“...Henriette who follows her heart (played by the irresistibly lovely and always complex Jen Dede).” -    Chicago Sun Times

“Dede is bubbly and charming and eager but when she focuses in what she wants she’s lethal.” - Director Charles Newell, Chicago Magazine


Candida  The Malibu Stage Company, LA

“Candida is not an easy Character to play because an actress must not only be lovely, but radiate a charisma of kindness and sweetness, and have a backbone.  Jen Dede does it beautifully.  From the moment she enters the stage, the audience understands why men love Candida.” - Palisadian Post