Acting is quite simply playing pretend and telling the truth. It is my job to help the actor do just that. As an acting coach and teacher it is my desire to help actors reach their highest potential no matter how challenging the material they are working on, fully embracing the character to bring it to life like no one else. The deep understanding of character inherently instills confidence in their choices and allows the actor to shine. They begin to call themselves artists and their career spans for decades. 

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 “I have worked with Jen in an acting class setting and also privately coached with her for auditions and have always been impressed with her ability to find strong choices in the text and tailor it to my uniqueness as an actor. I also appreciate her equal understanding for comedy and drama, which I have found is rare.  She can effortlessly find the funny in comedy scenes as well as discover and create deep, rich, emotional characters in drama. Bottom line, I love Jen!”  - PRESTON JONES, THE MENTALIST

"I’ve worked with Jen on some of my most difficult material. Her skills as a trained actor make her invaluable. She has a certain understanding of film acting that is rare, and very hard to come by when looking for coaches. I trust her, and that's what's most important.” - DEVON SAWA, NIKITA

“Jen Dede is a fantastic coach and teacher!  Her excitement about acting is infectious to be around, and because of her incredible energy and perspective, she's able to turn scenes that feel like work into play. After a coaching session with Jen, I walk into auditions feeling excited to get the chance to play the character we've been working on instead of being so focused on the outcome. She gets me out of my head. I adore her for helping me see that.”  - KATE DANSON, CSI

"I will always look back fondly on my first year at Warner Loughlin Studios in Jen's class. With Jen guiding us, we all reached new heights in our acting and became a family that encouraged and supported one another's journey every step of the way. She helped boost my confidence and to trust my instincts." LAURA SPENCER, EMMY AWARD WINNING SERIES - THE LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES

“Jen is an absolute genius when it comes to coaching actors! She possesses the ability to instantly sense what an actor needs to do to take an audition or scene to that next level. Her generosity and warmth during classes and coaching sessions create an environment where actors truly feel at ease to play and experiment. She has not only given me more confidence in my acting ability, but she’s also helped me discover and appreciate what makes me unique. JUSTIN MIN, ACTOR

"Coaching with Jen is great because she's a working actress and knows all the trials and tribulations that come with that - and the wins! She always has unique insight into the character in question as well as the audition process itself. Her positive attitude is infectious. Coaching with Jen feels like play, not work!" - MICHAEL NARDELLI, REVENGE

“Jen Dede is hand’s down the best acting teacher I have ever worked with!  I absolutely love and adore her. Jen's teaching gave me the freedom to take risks confidently, that I own the work, and it's my creation. I've never felt that empowerment before, and the Warner Technique was the puzzle piece I was missing in my craft. Jen teaches with such grace and love that there is no room for negativity. So you are always working from a place of freedom and positivity rather than fear. I cannot say enough about my love and gratitude for her" - LEIGHA KINGSLEY, CRIMINAL MINDS

“I love working with Jen! Not only does she bring a wonderful, positive energy to her teaching, she creates a supportive environment where students feel the freedom to really play. As a coach, Jen is extremely intuitive and has a remarkable way of helping you feel confident and prepared for an audition, yet never locked in to a performance. She has a real gift. I consistently get callbacks when I coach with Jen!” - NINA FEHREN, REVENGE

"I have been coaching with Jen almost two years, and words can't begin to express how amazing and wonderful she is. Jen is always there to help me break down the characters and really get "in-depth" to their thoughts, emotions, and personality. Regardless of the short amount of time I might have to prepare, after coaching with Jen, I feel wonderfully confident going into the audition. She has truly been a lifesaver and is an indescribably charming, thoughtful, and sweet person." KAYLA CARLSON, CSI-NY